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Thank you for visiting our virtual tour of Uptas Learning Hub methodology of teaching. We would like you to know that a good a good academic program is one that achieved the following

a)Engaging lessons the consistently keep the students interested and ignite their curiosity to the subject

b)The ability to impart critical thinking skills and in the process achieved their maximum academic potentials

Now let’s take a look at behind the scene on how the lesson is conducted  to create an engaging and productive lesson everytime.

Tutor Factor- Crystal Clear With more than 10 years of teaching experience in both MOE schools and University, Dr Aw and the tutors had worked with a wide spectrum of students, ranging from those who are gifted in Chemistry to those who hated Chemistry. Dr Aw explain concepts to students in a simplified manner. Armed with years of experience and familiarity with common gaps faced by students, he is able to give accurate feedback to students and spot on their difficulties. In this manner, every class is highly efficient and productive for the students.

Dr Aw simplify all chapters of the syllabus into cookie, bite size. With crystal clear explanations, research proven teaching methods, top-notched teaching materials, learning Chemistry had never been easier

The impact Uptas have made was tremendous. I was having trouble following tutorials and lectures in school. Even though the teachers in school explained in detail, I was not able to absorb or understand the content.

But I was astonished that after the first lesson, I realized the teaching style was exactly what I needed and I have never felt that clearer before. I managed to jump 3 grades in one exam!”

– Cheyanne Gan

Topic Chemical Bonding

Every chapter are sorted to concept levels. Through many

years of interactions with students, we have discovered that

the secret to doing well in exam lies in getting the key concept of the chapter correct.

An analogy will be if Focuses  are doors, then key concept will

be the keys to the doors where students will see the big picture  of the content. In this manner,  we will further break down each focus point to concept keys where  misconception will be clarified  and the door to distinctions will be opened.

In Uptas Learning Hub, we recognise that students attention span is short and follows a general trend as indicated in graph 1. Therefore, the lessons are planned carefully where there will be regular changes in the activities of the class so as to interrupt the process of losing their attention (Graph 2). In this way, this will help students focus better and absorb more in class.

When Dr Aw created the worksheet, he will trial the questions in the shoes of students. In doing so, he is able to anticipate the conceptual challenges faced by the students.

The students are given top-notched teaching materials which contain frequently asked exam questions. It also contains Cambridge keywords.

“The lessons are very clear, packed with loads of information and concise at the same time. The lessons targeted frequently tested questions, quick deciphering of chemistry problems as well as higher order thinking skills! They would also focus on special contents such as practical content before the Chemistry practical assessment begins, which no other tuition centres are doing.

– Chong Yong

Chemistry can be interesting!

Everyone knows how difficult to memorise facts and formulae from lecture books. At Uptas Learning, students are shown the wonders of Chemistry and begin their journey of further discovery. Students will be able visualize chemistry in real life and science coming alive.

We understand every students have different needs and so we created 3 different levels of problem solving questions namely: Skill Level 1, 2 and 3. Skill level 1 are easy-medium difficult types of questions for students to polish their basic, skill level 2 will be focusing on higher order thinking questions (Medium-Difficult questions) and skill level 3 (Oh, My God! Level). This level is catered for students who wants the most difficult types of questions.

Formative Assessment- Close Monitoring of Students

As an award winning tutor, Dr Aw constantly check on the understanding of students. Dr Aw uses effective questioning techniques and provides feedback by marking the students’ work.

Booster Class (FOC) – For students to catch up earlier chapters

Booster class is a special revision class that we have created which will be held once per week catered for all existing students to catch up earlier contents or misconception that they may have missed. The best part is the class is FOC (Free of Charge) for all existing students.

During lesson, Dr Aw would go through topics that I am weak at and find ways to help me grasp the concept, he uses interactive ways like demonstrations to teach and using videos to help me get a clearer picture.

– Isaac Leong

Wide Range of Top-notched learning resources

Dr Aw provides not just worksheets, but high quality top-notched notes, summaries, mindmaps to  help every individual students attain their true maximum potential

Ultimate Chemistry Bible Notes

In Uptas Learning Hub, we understand students may have different needs and learning style. So we also have created a set of chemistry bible notes that summarized effectively and concisely the entire syllabus of chemistry for ‘IP’, ‘O’, ‘IB’ and A level with all the essential keywords and most frequently asked exam questions

“The tutors pushes me to think critically in answering difficult or novel questions that may come out in the A levels. The tutors provided me with so many practices to hone my answering skills and identify topics that the question is testing. They also drills us in FAQs to ensure that we obtain the maximum marks!

– Benita Wong

Harnessing on Technology to Enhance Learning Experience

By leveraging on computer simulations and videos, Dr Aw is able to bring across challenging topics in a better visualised manner. In this manner, the key concept is better understood and what used to take 30 mins or more to understand in school, we are confident to simplified and explain in just a couple of minutes with deeper understanding.

Dr Aw replaced whiteboard markets with his Ipad. This allows a smooth flow of presentations and dynamically changes colour and highlight key concepts to students.

And we also using virtual lab lab environment to simulate experimental procedures where students are able to visualize and capture the essence of what is required to do well in their practical examinations. 

Personally as a weaker student, not only does Ms Tham actively seek consultations with me in order to monitor my progress for Chemistry. From the feedback given in marked assignments, I am able to evaluate my gaps and how to identify how to improve. She also checks up on me regularly as to how I am coping outside class, encouraging me constantly. She actively responds to the questions I have via text, and calls me to explain the concepts in detail if necessary.

– Yuan Lin

100% of 2018 Cohort achieved Distinction and/or at least 3-grade jump.

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Dr Aw showed us videos helpful to our learning when necessary such as videos on crystallization so as to let us visualize and understand the process and steps to take instead of just blindly memorizing from textbooks, where the content takes a longer time to sink into our heads.

I definitely owe my great improvement in Chemistry to Dr. Aw as he was the teacher who spurred my interest in Chemistry and made me enjoy learning the subject.

- Sally Teo