Is Your Child Struggling to score B3 or Better for Chemistry
If yes, Read This To Discover How To Improve Results FAST!

Our Chemistry Step-by-Step Progress Blueprint – A Proven-To-Work Chemistry Study Strategy To Help Your Child Make Rapid Improvements (2-8 Grade Jump) Even If Previous Results Were Average… Just In Time To Revise for SA1 and score well for SA2 and ‘O’ Levels In Just A Few Months!
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Many upper secondary and IP students find it tough to score B3 -A1 for Chemistry exams.

That’s because there’s a big jump in standard from lower sec Science to Chemistry.

So how do you know if your child needs help? Simple enough.

If the recent CA1 Chemistry result was not ideal (lower than B3), you NEED to take action NOW before it’s too late!

The SA2 and ‘O’ Levels are just a few short months away. There’s no time to lose.

So fill in your details below to register for a FREE trial class with Uptas Learning Hub, and gain exclusive access to our super effective Chemistry Step-by-Step Blueprint!

See some of the amazing improvement for yourself
Sally B4 to A1 (TKGS)
Lessons with Dr. Aw are interesting and engaging as he will  simplify chemistry concepts that are difficult to understand for better understanding and show us videos helpful to our learning when necessary such as videos on crystallization so as to let us visualize and understand the process and steps to take instead of just blindly memorizing from textbooks, where the content takes a longer time to sink into our heads. His integration of 3As approach has been remarkable and makes me understand the concept deeper

Dr. Aw also provides us with useful resources such as concise notes and a laminated periodic table with equations and other content compiled on a single page which allows us to refer to them and study more efficiently especially when exams are near.

Apart from adopting a positive attitude and encouraging us to never give up, the regular practices of worksheets and provision of challenging questions from other school’s papers also enabled me to improve from B4 to A1 and maintain the grade throughout my secondary 4 year. 
Isabel F9 to A1 (TKGS)
Since Secondary Three my Chemistry was never too good. I failed Chemistry twice in Sec Three and got F9 for the other two exams. I decided to join two of my other friends for Dr. Aw Chemistry tuition after getting a F9 for my CA1.
Joining this tuition was a wonderful decision as Dr. Aw was always extremely fun and enjoyable as well as extremely enriching. Dr. Aw helps me to grab the chemistry concept using his 3As techniques in a much deeper level and clarify all my misconceptions

Soon enough, my chemistry grades improved to a B4 for Mid Years, a B3 for Prelims and then an A1 for O Levels. Tutors in Uptas are a very patient tutor, never failing to answer our countless questions as well as encourage us when we didn’t do well for tests. His positive spirit motivates us to pick ourselves up after each failure and to go forward toward success. I would definitely recommend Uptas for those who needs chemistry tuition!
Isaac E8 to A1 (KSS)
For the past few years, Dr. Aw has taught me chemistry. I have improved greatly for my chemistry as he makes sure I understand the topics fully, he also makes the topic easy to understand by making his own concise notes. His unrivaled cheat sheets and practice exercises is one of the key reason that my grades improve tremendously from E8 to A1.

I have improved from his lessons as I was struggling with my chemistry. After a couple of months under his guidance, I was able to get A1 for my chemistry.
During lesson, Dr. Aw would go through topics that I am weak at and find ways to help me grasp the concept, he uses interactive ways to teach by giving examples and using videos to help me get a clearer picture.

Dr. Aw helped me greatly by teaching me how to make my own notes which is specifically so I could understand it. He prepares test papers to check if I fully understood the concept.
  •  209 New Upper Changi Road #03-647, S(460209)
  • Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT (3 mins shelter walk) Just above Sheng Siong Supermarket
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A Short But Important Message From Dr. Aw –
Your Master Chemistry Doctor Tutor
Dear Parents,

My name is Dr. Aw Junxin. For more than 10 years, I have been recognized by many of my students as an 'O’ level / IP Chemistry expert tutor and as a “go-to” person if anyone needs help in chemistry.

  • Here are some of my background informations:
  •  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemistry 
  •  More than 10 years of teaching experience with an average of 98.1% (A1/A2)
  • Top 1% Tutor in NTU
  •  Former A*STAR Scholar
  •  1st Class Honours Degree in Chemistry
  •  Deans List Awardees
Chemistry is an important subject which requires the right strategies and approach to internalize and master.

That in turn, leads to high exam results.  And since the end-of-year and ‘O’ Level Chemistry paper is only a few short months away, time is REALLY running out!  
Especially if your child did not score well for the recent CA1 paper. 

So for students who did not score B3 or better, it’s now or never. Do or die. Sink or swim.  

Take action to help your child now, and the chances of scoring an distinctions (A1) will increase exponentially.

Do nothing, “hope for the best” and continue with whatever ineffective study methods your child is suffering from… and it’s likely that exam results will drop even more, or stay stagnant (if you’re lucky).

So why is your child not doing well for Chemistry, despite you spending lots of money on tuition and the best efforts of school teachers?

Here are the 3 main reasons, based on my experience improving results for thousands of chemistry students:
Grade Killer #1: Memorizing Equations And Theories
Chemistry is a subject which requires critical thinking. That means no amount of memory work will help your child during crunch time (exam time).

So if your child is trying to memorize Chemistry equations and theories to score well for exams…stop. It’s a waste of time and effort!

Instead of this ineffective approach, your child should be taught how to understand, diagnose and actively solve all Chemistry questions (especially tricky Paper 2 open-ended questions).

Through our Chemistry Step-by-Step Blueprint, we prepare our students to be 100% ready for all types of questions, and be able to solve them quickly and efficiently.
Grade Killer #2: Paper 2 Problems
If your child isn’t doing well for Chemistry, it’s most likely because of too many marks lost at Paper 2.

Those open-ended questions are the bane of many students’ existence (not kidding).

In addition to requiring a high-level of Chemistry understanding, Paper 2 open-ended questions are usually worded in a not-so-straightforward manner.

To score well for this common grade-killing section, students need both Chemistry and language mastery to achieve high marks.

That’s exactly what our Integrated Learning Methodology can help your child with. Many of our students, after applying this potent exam enhancer, managed to improve their Paper 2 marks by at least 10-15.

That’s a 2-3 grade improvement!
Grade Killer #3: Lack Of Effective Exam Preparation
Many schools and tuition centers put their students through mock exams during exam periods. Or they give them lots of assessment exercises and 10-year-series homework to do.

While not totally ineffective, simply “going through the motions” with those basic preparation methods are not enough.

Chances are that during exams, your child will still succumb to extreme stress, and negatively impact his/her ability to score a good grade.

That’s why in order to ensure your child hits peak performance during exams, we delve deep into each student’s individual learning habits.

This differs from student to student, and requires a customized approach rather than a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Through this specialized approach, we ensure your child gains the upper hand over other students during those 2 important hours in the exam hall.
After the First FREE Lesson, your child will gain the following:
  •  What Used To Take Your Child 10 hours to Learn a Concept, he/she will grab it in less than an hour
  •  Your Child will be able to use the right strategy to tackle different types of questions better and gain a higher self confident in the subject
  •  A FREE copy of one of our chemistry cheat sheet and notes that contain most frequently asked exam questions
  •  209 New Upper Changi Road #03-647, S(460209)
  • Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT (3 mins shelter walk) Just above Sheng Siong Supermarket
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Bonus #1: Unlimited 1-1 Consultations (Worth $800)
Joining Uptas Learning Hub will ensure your child get the undivided attention from us.
  •  Unlimited 1-1 consultation: Whenever you have questions, we are always available for consultations. This is a premium services that if you hire a full time MOE-trained tutor would cost you at least $100 an hour which is easily translated to $800 a month. After joining our weekly class, this will be given as a complimentary services.
  •  Urgent queries while doing question at home or in school: Send us a whatsapp with your image of the question and we will reply within the next few hours (normally is within a few minutes unless it is near to examination dates when there are a lot of questions).
  •  Uncertain of some topics and not sure where to begin: We know the common pitfalls and misconceptions where most students are facing. We will be able to accurately pin-point the problem within a few minutes and course-correct any misunderstanding of the concepts learnt previously. 
Bonus #2: Catch up earlier chapters (Worth $499)
Recap / Relearn all the earlier chapters at your own pace
  •  Catch up earlier chapters: We have developed an unique learning system that is able to ensure all students are able to catch up all earlier chapters that they are unsure about. 
  •  Track your progress: There will be a systematic step-by-step procedure whereby students will be carefully monitored to ensure that the earlier chapters are relearn correctly. 
  •  Anytime to recap: All students of Uptas Learning Hub are able to recap all earlier catered to their own pace, learning style and preferences.
Bonus #3: You will get our in house made 
special periodic table (Worth $97)
This customized made periodic table contains so many short-cuts and step-by-step formulas that makes it incredibly easy for you to remember all the exam required equations and diagrams.
  •  Super Easy to Use Periodic Table: This periodic table is packed with loads of frequently asked examinations questions that is so easy to reference and use. You do not not have flip through piles of notes/textbook just to search for this information. 
  • Fully Laminated and colour printed: You will find it hard to even lose or damaged this special periodic table as they are fully coloured and best of all laminated. That means it will never be crumpled.
  • Specifically designed for helping students to remember all the important and must remember equations in examinations. 
  •  Full training and guide will be provided to help you master the use of this periodic table. 
  •  209 New Upper Changi Road #03-647, S(460209)
  • Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT (3 mins shelter walk) Just above Sheng Siong Supermarket
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Chemistry exams are getting harder and harder year after year.

Scoring a high mark for today’s Chemistry paper requires excellent inferential ability, deep understanding of key theories and critical application of important concepts.

I’m assuming these skillsets are currently missing from your child’s Chemistry arsenal. That’s why you’re here seeking a solution that works!

The good news is:
We can Help!
The Uptas Learning Hub is Singapore’s leading Chemistry education provider.

Thousands of secondary school/IP students have improved massively after going through our program, and many even stayed with us all the way to their ‘A’ Levels.

The Uptas Learning Hub is Singapore’s leading Chemistry education provider.

Thousands of secondary school/IP students have improved massively after going through our program, and many even stayed with us all the way to their ‘A’ Levels.

The reason? We get results. Period.

Our Chemistry Step-by-Step Blueprint is designed for rapid improvements within a short time.

(Your child will be taught how to apply this blueprint to Chemistry exams during the FREE trial class)

So don’t worry if your child is currently struggling, or did not score well for recent Chemistry exams.

We have the expertise to help… and help cannot come sooner.

Especially with the end-of-year/ ‘O’ Level paper in just a few months.

Time is of the essence, and I strongly encourage you to register your child for a FREE Chemistry trial class with us, so that he/she can experience the power of our Chemistry methodologies first-hand!

Simply fill in your details below, and we’ll contact you to schedule your child’s FREE trial class at your preferred location Bedok (2-3 mins walk from Bedok MRT)

(Do register fast, as our classes are always fully booked, especially at this critical juncture. Don’t let another student “steal” your child’s spot)

Talk soon, and here’s to your child’s soon-to-be Chemistry improvement!

  •  209 New Upper Changi Road #03-647, S(460209)
  • Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT (3 mins shelter walk) Just above Sheng Siong Supermarket
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