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  • From the Desk of Dr. Aw,

  • Hi, my name is Dr. Aw Junxin, your 'A’ Level Chemistry Super Star Tutor. Last Minute Result Transformation @ Uptas Learning Hub Gives You EVERYTHING You need to do well ranging from a from a normal class test to national examination in chemistry.
  • Make no mistake, getting distinction in chemistry is definitely not an easy task. It requires consistent hardwork and clarity of your concepts. In Uptas, we will personalize your learning journey and give you the right strategies & tools to ensure you improve no matter where you are right now.

  • Here are some of my background informations:
  • Doctor of Philisophy (PhD) in Chemistry 
  •   More than 10 years of teaching experience with an average of 91.8% A/B
  •  Top 1% Tutor in NTU
  •  Nanyang President Graduate Scholarship Awardees (Given to only the top candidates)
  •  Former A*STAR Scholar
  •  1st Class Honors in Chemistry 
  •  Deans List Awardees
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    Here is what some of our students have to say:
    Dr Aw was one of the best or perhaps the best tutors I have ever had in my academic life. Not only was he patient with his teaching methods, he incorporated very innovative, study friendly methods to effectively drill me with the crucial chemistry concepts.

    He always went that extra mile to create mindmaps, combine notes from all different schools and personalize them to fit the student’s learning style and even spare that extra 30 mins or one hour in order to ensure that the lesson reached its completion. Apart from the academic aspect, he was one of the most inspiring and encouraging tutors I have ever had.
    Boon Shuan
    Dr. Aw truly epitomises the virtue of selflessness – he always willing puts his students as his first priority.

    Dr. Aw is dedicated and passionate who not only wishes the best for his students, but takes the more than required action in effort to help students achieve their desired grades – he himself possesses the professional knowledge in chemistry and is well-equipped with the strong analytical-thinking skill set that the subject demands, and is hence well-qualified to teach the subject.
    Dr Aw is one of the best tutors I’ve ever had. His lessons were always very engaging allowing me to appreciate and take interest in a subject I would never have thought to find interesting.

    He always supplied us with personalised quizzes according to our current ability and increased the difficulty each time we proved we were capable of handling more complex questions. Dr Aw was always searching for different methods to help each of his students grasp and retain chemistry concepts better.
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    • Reduce your Learning Curve
    • Our super tutor is able help you to reduce your learning curve by as much as 90% And what used to take you 10 hrs or a few weeks/months to understand. Dr. Aw will help you to achieve it in an hour or less

    • Time is not on your side
    • A' level is only less than 10 months away. There isn’t much time left.  Don’t let your own personal misconception to snowballs. We will provide you with the right diagnosis and strategies to do well in A level chemistry.  

    • It will cost you more to wait 
    • Many students have told me they regretted to join later as they would have reduce their learning curve by at least 50%. Don't let history repeat. No matter how good the tutor is, you will need a certain amount of time to soak in the concept.

    Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
    To Your Success,
    Dr. Aw Junxin
    P.S. : Don't wait any longer. Grab your First FREE lesson when it is still available. This page may disappear anytime after all the seats are filled up. 
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    • Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT (3 mins shelter walk) Just above Sheng Siong Supermarket 
    • +6591705114
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