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Our Programme

‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Weekly Classes

Our weekly progressive tuition classes are catered for Year 5-6/ JC1-2 students.  Get ready and be inspired by Dr. Aw and Miss Tham in their unique ‘AAA’ strategies that will sure propel and motivate the students their desired A grade through their concise notes yet powerful notes and with carefully curated questions and their ultimate chemistry  bible summaries.
Weekly Programmes

‘A’ Level & ‘O’ Chemistry Crash Courses

Our intensive crash courses that are held during the March, June and September holidays are catered for students who have specific problems to the subject and wish to re-visit them. The intensive revision classes will comprise of concise summary notes with incremental difficulty questions to ensure students do well in their GCE ‘A’, ‘O’, IP and IB Chemistry
Chemistry Crash Course

‘IP’ / ‘O’ Level Chemistry Weekly Classes

Our weekly progressive tuition class are catered for sec 3/4/5 (‘IP’ and ‘O’). Be mentored by Dr. Aw and build a solid chemistry foundation through our comprehensive and yet powerful notes. Together with our skill level 1, 2 and 3 practices, students will be exposed to a wide range of questions to ensure they do well in exam.
IP/'O'Level Chemistry

Excel with Doctorate in Chemistry, Top 1% University Tutor & Former-MOE JC Lecturer for Chemistry

Dr Aw Jun Xin is an award-winning Doctorate in Chemistry with more than a decade of teaching experience and together with Miss Tham a former MOE trained lecturer in Singapore with more than 10 years of teaching experience.

Some of Dr. Aw notable achievement include Top 1% Tutor in NTU, in recognition of his excellent teaching to undergraduates in the University. Dr Aw obtained First Class Honours, Nanyang President Graduate Scholarship and was featured in The Straits Time as Former A*STAR Scholar.

Miss Tham is trained in National Institute of Education, specializing in JC, O-level, IP and IB Chemistry. While in service, she reviewed and created the revised H2 Chemistry syllabus while teaching in school. Fueled by her zeal in imparting knowledge and the satisfaction she felt when students did well, she continuously seek to make chemistry interesting, fun and engaging.

With more than 10 years of teaching experience, Dr Aw and Miss Tham has a very thorough understand of the syllabus outlined by the Cambridge board for GCE A, O, IP and IB levels. Through the many years of experience and interactions of students from different walks of life, had also helped him to see and understand things from their perspective which enable him to effectively pinpoint the difficulties faced by them. Through many years of teaching, planning and fine-tuning their teaching and notes, they had developed a powerful teaching programme combined together with concise yet powerful notes and curated questions banks, in which they are able to push all students to their maximum potential. Under their guidance, more than 97.2% of his students shown significant improvements.

Being able to break down difficult Chemistry concepts into simpler bite size ideas, and later integrate them together again, Dr Aw and Miss Tham are able to bring their students to ace both A-level and O-level chemistry with more than 92% scoring distinctions.

Why Choose Us?

Continuous Learning Feedback

The only way to understand the progress of the student is never through a simple nod or yes. It is only shown through the written works from students. In Uptas Learning hub, we give the students quiz regularly to monitor each and every student progress. A timely feedback will given to them so as to ensure they are on the right track of learning

Unlimited Consultations

The students can arrange unlimited 1-1 consultations with Dr. Aw or Miss Tham to clarify any queries they may have via whatsapp. With their assuring and clarify in explanations, the students will not be confused. Dr. Aw and Miss Tham understand what is the key motivate and engage the students in an appropriate stages during their cognitive developments.   

Unrivalled Revision packs and Chemistry Bible Notes

Dr. Aw and Miss Tham craft their teaching materials and consistently refresh their materials once every year to make sure it is according to the trend of year for A, O, IP and IB Chemistry. The concise and yet powerful chemistry bible notes combined with their unrivalled chemistry revision exercises are sure to propel the students to achieve their desired A grade in Chemistry.

Belief in every student

In Uptas learning hub, we strongly believe every student is a piece of unpolished stone. Our duty is to chip away the excess and unnecessary parts of the stone so as to reveal magnificent statue within it.  With the right amount of guidance, the students will start to see the light in chemistry and begin to do well in the subject.

Strong Credential in Educations

Armed with strong background and education in the area of chemistry and a thorough understanding of the Singapore chemistry syllabus, Dr. Aw and Miss Tham are sure to be able to help you navigate through the misty fog and rises you up to the your true potentials and confidence. 

Flexible Schedule

In Uptas Learning Hub, we have multiple time slots that run within the week. This will definitely ensure that if you miss your lesson due to CCA commitments or other personal matters, you can sit in to other classes as a form of make up.

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Student Details
Secondary Level (IP/O)
Junior College

What our students say about us


Before joining the chemistry tuition in Uptas, I wasn't strong in chemistry and wasn't familiar with the different types of chemistry questions, and I did not know where to start. Thanks to Uptas Chemistry tuition, I have been exposed to a wide variety of chemistry questions, and I am more comfortable with chemistry. My chemistry has improved a lot and I am now more aware of the different methods of approaching questions.

The questions we attempted in class helped train my foundation a lot and also exposed me to unique and interesting chemistry questions, which made me more comfortable with the subject.

If I were to recommend chemistry tuition to a friend, I would say that Uptas learning Hub as the tutor is a very dedicated and caring teacher, and she is very good at teaching chemistry. She is easy to approach, and her lessons are both fun and informative. I would rate this tuition a 10/10 as the tutor has helped me tremendously, not only for my chemistry, as I have learnt a lot from her. She provides a study hub for her students, and that has helped a lot with my preparations for A levels. The chemistry tuition in Uptas Learning Hub is different from others as I feel that there is this cozy environment in the center. Furthermore, when I was feeling very stressed about exams, the tutor in Uptas gave me words of encouragement which made me feel much better. Also, the summary booklet helped to consolidate important chemistry concepts and familiarise me with commonly asked chemistry questions. What surprised me the most about the tutor tuition was how at ease I felt while attending lessons. The tutor's friendly and cheerful demeanour made me feel like she was both a friend and a mentor.

Chloe Wong
Chloe Wong

In Uptas, teaching is both enjoyable and effective. The tutor takes the effort to understand each student at a personal level, and is able to adjust their teaching style to suit their students’ learning needs. The tutors are patient and creates a conducive learning environment for all students, and ensures that the lesson objectives are delivered effectively without any students leaving with doubts.


Uptas's tuition provides me with ample opportunities to expose myself to various types of questions, as well as train my answering techniques in questions that are cast in stone. The tutor pushes us to think critically in answering difficult or novel questions that may come out in the A levels. The tutor also provides me with a wide range of practices such as practice booklets for difficult topics. Additionally, Uptas provides concise summary booklets that are easy to understand and refer to when in doubt.

To do well in chemistry, it is best to get a good tuition and my chem tutor, Uptas, is who you need to improve! Uptas's tuition is chill yet productive and there are free flow food and drinks available as energy boosters. The tutor is also an accommodating and understanding who will do her best to make up lessons to fit my schedule.

This tuition is vastly different from others as there are free flow food and drinks for me to consume! There is also a study lounge that students can use to study for the upcoming examinations. Students can study till late at night, far beyond library opening hours.  Even though I am one of many students in her centre, the tutor treats every student with kindness and accommodates to my schedule to the best of her ability! When the library doesn't have enough seats, I go to Uptas centre to study! It's a good alternative to the library as the centre is conducive. The tutor is also available to answer some of my questions immediately! I like that Uptas provides free food and drinks as these serve as energy boosters whenever I am feeling tired. The tutor is very dedicated in helping us achieve our desired grades in the A levels, which is what makes up a good tuition that is value for money!


Before joining Uptas chemistry tuition, I was doing very badly for chemistry. In her tuition, I learnt numerous skills and tips that helped me greatly for chemistry. I often skipped past organic chemistry questions as I did not understand anything in that topic and it was hard to pick up even with the school notes. However, the worksheets and organic chemistry booklet that Uptas tuition provided me with were very beneficial in making me understand and memorise all the various complicated reactions, reagents and mechanisms in organic chemistry.

Furthermore, the tuition centre which has air conditioning and a break room with free flow drinks, served to be a conducive environment for all to learn and study together. We were even allowed to stay back after tuition hours to study and even consult her. I would rate this tuition 10/10.

I think that this tuition is different and in fact even better than other places because the tutor in Uptas would go the extra mile to help us. She would often stay in the tuition after hours just to help us when we are having any difficulties. The resources that she provided such as the worksheets and summary booklets were easy to understand and the seemingly difficult topics were well summarised and made studying much easier.


After dropping a few grades for MCTs, I decided to join Uptas Chemistry tuition since it is very near TJ! Since then, I felt more confident in Chemistry. The lesson in Uptas lessons are never boring and she tries to help us remember concepts by coming up with funny acronyms or phrases. She also compiles many resources from various schools for us. In her lessons, the tutor in Uptas always reiterates concepts and after numerous repetitions, it helped me drill those concepts into my head. I am grateful for her lessons and am happy to say that I have improved since MCTs!


Before joining Uptas tuition, I struggled with understanding simple and basic Chemistry concepts. Uptas Learning Hub tuition cleared up a lot of misconceptions I used to have and strengthened my foundation in Chemistry greatly with the help of their detailed and well-revised notes, as well as their patient teaching and guidance. The tuition had benefited me in many aspects. With a better understanding of the subject, I slowly gained confidence in it and fostered an interest in Chemistry. The tutors in Uptas are patient and will always be willing to explain key concepts using different methods if necessary to ensure the understanding of her students. Besides seeing improvement in my results in Chemistry, the warm and tight-knitted nature of the tutors in Uptas tuition enabled me to foster close friendships with the other students.


Before joining Uptas tuition classes, I had problems understanding chemistry concepts and thus could not even solve basic questions that simply required regurgitation of knowledge. This all changed after joining Uptas Learning Hub, as the tutors explained concepts very clearly, often with creative acronyms or point-by-point explanations, making it easy to not only understand concepts taught but also remember concepts. Workksheets and notes accordingly, making studying easier for us.


Before I joined Uptas Chemistry tuition, I was having trouble following tutorials and lectures in school. Even though the teachers explained in detail, I was not able to absorb or understand the content. However, after attending the chemistry lessons in Uptas Learning Hub lessons, I understood chemistry much better and thus was able to apply the content to answer questions more effectively.



The notes provided in Uptas are very comprehensive and are sufficient for the A level syllabus. The tutors emphasises on key points so we can use minimal time to get the results we want. The summary booklets and notes in Uptas have really helped me as the school notes can get a bit long and they do not emphasise on key points.

The summary booklets helped me save a lot of time when studying for chemistry and I was able to allocate more time to other subjects.

Above all else, the tutors in Uptas have been very encouraging and patient with her students and she does not look down on any of them.

Uptas Learning Hub was started with a genuine desire to help students in need, and the tutors will not hesitate to repeat their  explanations many times so that her students would be able to understand and learn from their mistakes.

The tutors in Uptas also doesn’t hesitate to make use of her spare time to provide consultations for her students because she really wants her students to improve and do well. If not for ms tham, I definitely would not have been able to do half as well as I was doing at the end of J2. I was failing chemistry very badly before I joined the chemistry tuition in Uptas Learning Hub but shortly after i joined her tuition i really improved and learnt a lot. The tutor has been such a great help and I really thank them for it.


Before joining Uptas tuition, I failed Chemistry for 2 years and lost hope in ever passing Chemistry. However, the tutors in Uptas clear teaching and constant motivation helped me improve tremendously to get a B in just 3 months. After attending the lessons, I gained confidence in Chemistry and started to like the subject, hence motivating me to study harder for it with Uptas compiled set of notes, which are so much better than the school notes.


Since Secondary Three my Chemistry was never too good. I failed Chemistry twice in Sec Three(2015) and got C5 for the other two exams. I decided to join two of my other friends for Uptas Chemistry tuition after getting a C5 for my CA1.

Joining this tuition was a wonderful decision as classes with the tutors in Uptas was always extremely fun and enjoyable as well as extremely enriching.

I always left class with more understanding of the Chemistry concepts and answers to my questions.

Soon enough, my chemistry grades improved to a B4 for Mid Years, a B3 for Prelims and then an A1 for O Levels. Tutors in Uptas are a very patient tutor, never failing to answer our countless questions as well as encourage us when we didn't do well for tests. His positive spirit motivates us to pick ourselves up after each failure and to go forward toward success. I would definitely recommend Uptas for those who needs chemistry tuition!


The tutors in Uptas were perhaps one of the best or perhaps the best tutors I have ever had in my academic life. Not only was the tutors in Uptas patient with their teaching methods, they also incorporated very innovative, study friendly methods to effectively drill me with the crucial chemistry concepts. He always went that extra mile to create mindmaps, combine notes from all different schools and personalize them to fit the student's learning style and even spare that extra 30 mins or one hour in order to ensure that the lesson reached its completion.

Apart from the academic aspect, the tutors in Uptas was one of the most inspiring and encouraging tutors I have ever had. When I didn't believe in myself, he did.

When I didn't think I could improve, they made sure I believed I could. He was really the sort of teacher that didn't just make sure you completed assignments on time but also instilled within me the motivation to excel.

Moreover, he was always there no matter what time, to help me in clarifying my doubts be it lesson time or via text. The tutors was truly devoted to teaching chemistry. I am so glad that I was blessed with a tutor in Uptas Learning Hub. :)


The tutors in Uptas are very dedicated teacher who is concerned about his students’ progress and adopts an effective learning system during his lessons. This includes being technologically savvy, using a projector instead of traditional white board which facilitates our learning as we students are able to see the content on the screen easily as opposed to using a whiteboard, which may be time consuming.


Lessons in Uptas are interesting and engaging as the tutors tries his best to simplify chemistry concepts that are difficult to understand for better understanding and show us videos helpful to our learning when necessary such as videos on crystallization so as to let us visualize and understand the process and steps to take instead of just blindly memorizing from textbooks, where the content takes a longer time to sink into our heads. The tutors in Uptas also provides us with useful resources such as concised notes and a laminated periodic table with equations and other content compiled on a single page which allows us to refer to them and study more efficiently especially when exams are near.

Apart from adopting a positive attitude and encouraging us to never give up, the regular practices of worksheets and provision of challenging questions from other school’s papers also enabled me to maintain a consistent grade of A1 throughout my secondary 4 year. He is also one of the most patient teachers I’ve ever had and encourages us to ask questions whenever in doubt even through platforms such as Whatsapp, and strives to reply us as quickly as possible with detailed explanations. I definitely owe my great improvement in Chemistry to Dr. Aw as he was the teacher who spurred my interest in Chemistry and made me enjoy learning the subject.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

3 minutes sheltered walk from Bedok MRT, just above Sheng Siong Supermart.

Block 209, New Upper Changi Road #03-647

How can I contact the admission team and the student coordinators?

Contact Us

We accept walk in or call in sales enquiries and online registration. However, most of our students are recommended through word of mouth from relatives and friends. Seats are often limited and once the capacity is full, we will stop accepting new students.

How do I register for the classes?

Book a FREE Trial Class [Worth $100] Now

Interested to join us? You may make a reservation via the link below or you can also call us @+6591705114

How much is the school fees?

The school fees for the lesson will depend on the month of entry for the student. Any changes made will not affect the students who have joined the class prior the adjustment.


We have successfully achieved more than 91.8% of the students to obtain A and B in their A level Chemistry and 95.2% A1/A2 in the O level chemistry, which is about 2.5 times higher than the national average. We are very confident to achieve the same level of success for all students if we are given enough time to improve the students regardless of their current standards. The earlier you join us, the easier it is for us to help you and we would like to encourage you to take action now and sign up immediately for your first FREE Lesson. The Free lesson is dedicated for you to examine if the lesson suits and meet your needs. Click the link here to find out more.

How much is the deposit and registration fee?

The deposit will be a fixed one month. Students who like to withdraw at the end of each month if the he/she finds the lesson unsuitable to their needs and requirements. The deposit will be refunded after deducting the current number of lessons that have been conducted. In addition, there is a non-refundable $50 registration fee. This is for administrative charge and not for us to profit from. 

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We are located at

209 New Upper Changi Road#03-647, S(460209)
Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT (3 mins walk) Just above Sheng Siong Supermarket
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